Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Deliver Business Outputs

By improving interoperability, minimizing redundancy, you can eliminate duplicate, discrete systems from different vendors or proprietary products with special maintenance needs, reducing installation and lifecycle costs by adopting an optimized building infrastructure.

JACE 8000

JACE 8000 series controllers open a new era in building management systems because of Tridium's "Niagara" technology. In addition to the serial and ethernet connections included in each device as standard, 2 communication cards that can be added optionally provide many different protocol support at the same time. Jaces, which are also a web server, use your internet browser as a user interface that requires no special definition and training.


  • Direct ethernet connection
  • TCP-IP and Java infrastructure
  • Accessibility from the Internet
  • Data protected against power cuts
  • CE approved

Open Protocols

  • Real brand independence
  • Modbus, Bacnet, KNX IP, Lonworks, OPC, MQTT, SNMP
  • Enormous cable advantage
  • Expansion opportunities


  • Jace controllers use the direct ethernet network for high-level communication.
  • It is possible to use the existing infrastructure and computer network inside the building.
  • To connect any controller to the system, it is enough to pull the cable to the nearest hub.
  • Reliable, fast (100 Mbit!), Problem-free communication because of compliance with network standards.
  • Possibility to grow without any limitations
  • Easy access to the entire system from any computer on the network.


  • All features can be accessed with standard browser programs. (Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Mozilla ...)
  • Independent of the operating system. (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, ...)
  • Easy access to the entire system from any computer on the network.
  • Different levels of authorization with password protection.
  • Possibility to control everyone's own room from their own computer. (Temperature control, lighting ...)
  • Excellent user interfaces with flexible graphic possibilities.
  • Useful time schedules in a graphical environment.
  • Trend curves to evaluate system performance


  • When your facility is connected to the internet from any point, you can access the entire system from anywhere in the world.
  • Without installing special software
  • Without disconnecting the phone line
  • Without purchasing additional equipment
  • without any additional expense Security and encryption close to bank systems because of Java infrastructure
  • Wireless solutions in campus applications
  • Monitoring of branches and affiliates from a single center