History and Working Philosophy

Anda Automation & Fire was founded in 2014 in İzmir. It is a company with 2 partners, with a staff of 10 people.

With its young and business planner, it will serve to grow to completion, to achieve high-level progress.

Our company started HVAC automation evaluation and activity as the Johnson Controls Ontrol system integrator. Anda Automation operates in fire, gas routing, emergency announcement systems and VRF systems.

We make an effort to show a solution for energy management, building systems and fire systems, and the project that is supported by the project.

Anda Automation has completed many projects that will positively affect the fire in Turkey and around the world.

Our employers and business partners over the years are our pride.

Our company is trying to be taken with Johnson Controls, trawler and TYCO solutions.

Anda Automation & Fire has a philosophy in the foreground with quality in products and engineering services, timely response to its customers and a working path where necessary.