Ergonomic Design and Unrivaled False Alarm Resistance

Our products, together with MZX (Detector-Panel Protocol) technology, are one of the most robust, reliable and ergonomic fire detection systems on the market; With its product approvals and certificates, ZETTLER products not only meet minimum system requirements; It has the widest certifications that guarantee the highest level of reliability and performance.

False Alarm Resistance

ZETTLER has "peer to peer" panel communication that enables multiple panels to act as a single fire panel over the network, meeting both EN54-13 and EN54-2 approvals. Even if the network system experiences signal distortion from two points, the network system of the fire panel can continue to operate in two separate sections.

Reliable Certificates

ZETTLER systems are designed to be used in industrial applications in the hardest conditions and all ZETTLER applications have the "Safety Integrity Level 2" certificate determined according to the international IEC61508 standard.

3Otec Multi Sensor

The combined Optical Smoke, Heat and Carbon monoxide gas detector offers the user an advanced detection capability in all types of fire, especially slow and internal combustion. It provides high resistance against false alarms that even detectors with Single and Dual technology cannot reach.

6th Generation Detectors

  • Better environmental performance
  • Better detection performance
  • Higher fault tolerance
  • Lower lifetime cost
  • Faster, easier and safer installation and service.

Ergonomic Design

With the innovation of slot card technology, PROFILE Flexible panels can be adapted to the specific requirements of the application and the protected environment. The system can be easily expanded to meet new requirements when there is a site change or when the site is expanded.

The panel has been specially designed to offer additional cycle capacity and cycle power sharing options, providing greater flexibility in system design and reduced installation costs.

The user interface of the touch screen with context-sensitive help menu is ergonomically designed so every operation is simplified. Features such as touch LEDs that provide detailed status information aim to respond quickly to all system events. By combining ease of use with high performance, the system provides lifelong operating cost advantages to end users.

With the PROFILE Flexible series, integrated fire detection solutions are offered for many application areas such as hotels, businesses, healthcare facilities, industrial facilities and production facilities.