Why you should choose a dynamic valve?

Static valves are still the standard solution for HVAC systems today – even though they have long been out of date. They are designed for a full load, but in practice, systems usually operate under a partial load. The result: inefficient operation, high energy consumption, exploding costs and an uncomfortable room climate.

The benefits of a dynamic valve

The solution is a dynamic valve that maximizes operational efficiency. Because it is dynamic, the valve ensures that the system pressure is correct for all loads and that pressure fluctuations have no impact. Full stroke is available for every presetting. This contributes to high control accuracy. Optimal return temperatures for all operating conditions guarantee a high level of efficiency in heating and cooling. Thanks to stable room temperature control, you can achieve energy savings of up to 25 percent – without sacrificing comfort.


1- Ball Control Valve

2- Flow Sensor

3- T1 Temperature Sensor

4- T2 Temperature Sensor

5- Motor(Integrated Controller)

Benefits over the entire lifecycle

Energy Monitoring

Hydronic Balancing

Flow/Power Control

ΔT Optimization

Fully Sealed Closure

Trend Function

Remote connection

Data Recording