Our Services

Project Planning and Design

  • Fire Detection Projecting
  • Gas Extinguishing Project Design
  • Automation Projecting

Preparation of Technical Specifications and Tender Document

  • Fire Detection Specifications
  • Gas Extinguishing Specifications
  • Automation Systems Specifications

Development of Applications and Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Field Application and Assembly

Commissioning and Accompanying Commissioning

  • Our experienced team provides commissioning and supervision services by complying with the programs made with you.

Maintenance Services

  • Consultation with the customer of the list of equipment, systems and devices to be maintained and the maintenance schedule
  • Function test, cleaning and controls of MCC & DDC panels
  • Function tests and physical-electrical control of field equipment
  • Taking and archiving system backups
  • Preparation and submission of maintenance reports
  • Completion of the maintenance required by the regulation in accordance with the regulation.