Technology Areas Gas Extinguishing Systems

We understand the challenges where placing gas fire suppression systems in sensitive equipment areas and business continuity is a critical factor. With the need to protect such assets, a reliable solution is required. Our answer is twofold: time-proven fluids that leave no residue and are safe for protected equipment. Our systems can help reduce the footprint, complexity and size of the pipe network. In short, our technology expands system flexibility, allowing engineers to accommodate gas fire suppression systems in a less intrusive way, while also meeting the specific requirements of a protected area.


Using water as a fire extinguisher in areas where electronics work and irreplaceable, high-value assets are stored can be as devastating as the fire itself. The Novec System quickly suppresses fires and protects sensitive equipment without harming people or the environment. The system is particularly suitable for suppressing fires in areas where an electrically non-conductive environment is required, electronic systems are an issue in emergency situations, where cleaning of other agents is a problem, and in an area that is not normally closed.

The Novec system uses 3M Novec 1230 fire protection fluid. The clear, colorless substance has the potential to consume zero ozone, an atmosphere of just five days and a 1.0 global warming potential. The Novec system suppresses the fire before it is fully activated, and after the fire is suppressed, the Novec 1230 evaporates quickly without damaging valuable assets.

The areas where Novec fire extinguishing systems are widely used are as follows;
Data processing centers, Busy or empty electronic areas with highly sensitive or irreplaceable equipment Telecommunications including cellular fields and switching centers Military systems, including combat vehicles and marine engine rooms Commercial maritime vessels and public transport vehicles.

FM 200

It is preferred because it has features such as colorless and odorless. FM200 filled into tubes under 25 bar pressure; it is kept in a liquid form. The widely used FM-200 gas extinguishing systems are the reason why they are preferred so often; It does not cause any damage to the area where it is applied as an image and does not have a threat to human health. Gas in liquid form; It is applied by spraying to the flammable area and FM200 gas covers the flammable surface in the form of glaciers, forming a layer. FM 200 gas, which has a structure similar to Halon gas; It is a physical fire extinguishing system, not chemical like Halon gas.

In order for the fire that is exposed not to cause much loss; must be extinguished as soon as possible. Otherwise, various systems and units in the area where the fire broke out will disappear in a short time. FM 200 gas extinguishing systems; it sees value due to its intervention in a short time. After the fire alarm is activated, the ignition system automatically intervenes and sprays the flammable surface in about 8 seconds.

  • It is a colorless gas.
  • It has the ability to smell.
  • It has no conductivity.
  • Since there is no chemical gas; it does not contain elements that threaten human health. FM200 gas, a physical gas; If used properly, it does not damage the flammable surface by other extinguishers.
  • It is spread in the relevant environment in a short time.
  • It is more profitable compared to other extinguishers in terms of economy.

Areas where FM200 fire extinguishing systems are widely used are as follows;
Computer Rooms, Telephone Switchboards, Communication Centers, Museums, Art Galleries, System Control Rooms, Generator Departments, Power Distribution Centers, Bank Safes, Libraries, Storage Areas like Tape, Floppy and Disk, Flammable Liquid Storage Like Acetone