User Friendly Design

An easy-to-use and convenient system allows users to get the most out of the system. A secure remote access portal running on a standard Internet browser does not require investment in separate hardware or software. Depending on the need, information can be passed on to many different actors and always apply this at the right time.

Customized interfaces can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. The easy-to-use browser interface ensures high availability on all platforms.

The remote access provides a flexible way to control the system and get up-to-date information. You can access remote access from your computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere. Remote access also simplifies maintenance and reduces maintenance costs.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Intelligent solutions and service concepts are based on a single easy-to-manage package, open interface and standard technologies.

Comprehensive and purpose-built solutions enable efficient maintenance and monitoring of building technology. The automation system controls heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting according to the need and operating status. The system reports usage and consumption accurately, flexibly and visually. This allows potential problems to be detected early.

A well-functioning and highly tuned building automation system can significantly increase the energy performance of buildings without sacrificing indoor climate. A properly working building automation system works smoothly. With the information gathered, the system adjusts building technology functions to an optimum level, resulting in significant savings.

Easy-to-Manage Systems

We have completed more than 100 renovations and emerging projects, each individually designed. Our systems include residential and office buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, storage areas, high-rise buildings, shopping malls and industrial facilities.

Improving the seamless integration of products from different manufacturers has been the main focus of our work for years. The companies we deal with include ready-made connection models for products from hundreds of different manufacturers that have been tested for reliability in field conditions.

Our building automation system integrates building technology sensors, meters, actuators, controls and security systems into a manageable package. The integrated system we have established is based on open standards that provide an efficient way to integrate many other systems and devices into a single management network.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Because of its scalability, our solutions work flexibly, from small buildings to large control systems. The system can be used in both renovation and new construction projects. We guarantee a long lifetime for buildings of all types and sizes.

Our clients are public enterprises, municipalities, banks, construction companies, property owners, property managers, building services contractors, electrical and mechanical designers, electrical and mechanical installation firms, end users who benefit from good air quality, optimum heat conditions, good compatibility at home and at work.