User Friendly and Aesthetic Fancoil Thermostats

We recommend HVAC thermostat for ideal building environment with temperature control, high operating efficiency and energy saving. You can have the interior experience you want. It has the installation and advanced technology of our programmable thermostats and extremely high sensitivity. Ideal for single and multi-stage applications, our wide product range includes options to meet your unique heating and cooling needs.

T 7000 Series Thermostat (ModBus and Bacnet)

  • It is designed to control heating and cooling via air conditioning unit in commercial and residential applications.
  • Typical applications include control of fan coil units, underfloor heating, packaged terminal air conditioners and a combination of heating and cooling equipment.
  • As part of the system, the T7000 series thermostat can control a 2-way or 3-way valve and a very fast line voltage fan or ECM fan.
  • T7000 with large LCD display shows the operating mode (cooling, heating, ventilation, floor heating), fan speed, indoor temperature and set point.
  • Modbus Thermostat, 2 or 4 pipes ON / OFF or 2 Pipes proportional, EC Motor Fan is off.
  • Input for remote sensor or Seasonal Auto Change.
  • Configurable input for Occupancy, SP reduction, Dew point alarm, Shutdown or Filter alarm.
  • Line voltage Relay Outputs.
  • Power 230 VAC 5VA

T 5000 Series Thermostat

  • Industrial Standard Graphic Symbol to eliminate the native language interface
  • Real-time control status of Easy to Read Environment, Graphic messages
  • Fixed backlight illuminated during user interaction
  • Easy-to-use Interface Keys provide easy commissioning and adjustment
  • All-in-One function keys, Simplified user to change setpoint and parameter
  • Molded Industrial Standard Graphic Symbol
  • Attractive Style Dual Ring Assembly ABS Plastic Cover and Base
  • All-in-One Case Design without Power Circuit Overhang
  • Blank Multifunction Features
  • No batteries required; EEPROM maintains the last events and parameter settings after loss

T 7200 T 5200
2-4 pipe features can be adjusted from parameters 2-4 pipe models different code
Used in EC fans Not used in EC fans
When the set is caught min. can work or stop at speed Temperature control is done only by giving set
Proportional controlled model available There is only on-off controlled model.
Has frost protection No frost protection
There is a deadband 0-10 ° C No dead band